Sunday, January 30, 2011

"somedays, they last longer than others/ but this day by the lake, went too fast"

Today a few friends and I met at the park by the marina for a picnic. The weather was perfect! A little chilly in the shade, but just perfect in the sun. We each brought some chips and dip or fruit, and planted ourselves right next to the water. Someone brought an acoustic guitar to play when we were too full to eat anymore. There were people everywhere. Families were playing soccer, people were walking dogs, there was even a tightrope tied up.
The trees at the marina are huge a beautiful. I climbed one to get a different view. The pathway goes along the park and through many sculptures. There are benches and boats. It was the perfect place to have a perfect day with some good friends and yummy bean dip.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Farmers Market

I went to the farmers market this morning. Now that we are in season and the snowbirds have finally all flocked to Sarasota, they market has been PACKED as of late. The beautiful weather also adds to this. I started at Whole Foods and bought a few things there. Then I made my way to the far end of the Market. On the way I saw big dogs, little dogs, children, young people, old people, poor people, rich people, and a couple of musicians on the side of the road playing for money. There are so many things to buy at the Farmer’s Market downtown; produce, plants and flowers, breads, cheese, meat, seafood, and all other kinds of products. Today I just bought my usual vegetables, but sometimes I buy local honey or banana chips. Yum! Unfortunately, none of my friends could join me like they usually do at the Farmers Market on account of homework, but I was still just as pleasant by myself. I brought along my iPod to listen to some Baroque music that I needed to learn for one of my classes. It was all very romantic.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

South Florida Museum

Today I went to the South Florida Museum with my friend and classmate Casey. We had previously bought year student memberships so that we could see all the different exhibitions and planetarium shows.

When we first arrived today, the elderly woman at the front desk let us know that they were currently feeding Snooty, their resident Manatee. We walked over to the aquarium were a young man was feeding three manatees lettuce and reciting facts to the small crowd.

Did you know? Manatees are closest related to the elephant, and they are native to Florida.

We left early and made our way to the planetarium. The show we saw today was called “The Ultimate Universe.” It was amazing! The woman narrating had such a soothing voice I almost closed my eyes a few times. Most of what she was saying was very technical and went over my head, but the visuals were nothing short of astounding. The gigantic screen overhead made me feel like I was literally floating through galaxies and nebulas of brilliant color. It was only a half hour long, but I can’t wait for the next show!