Friday, August 7, 2009


baby teddy bear


too bored to think

Thursday, August 6, 2009

says austin

"it's like

i feel like

there's this idea of like

romanticism and marriage and happily ever after in middle school

and then like at the end of high school/college/living with your parents or whatever

guys are all

what am i doing with my life i need something dependable and solid

and girls are totally wanting to have a good time and detach from that idea of total romance and permanency because they don't have forever until they actually will find a husband and be in a family

guys are just insecure assholes and girls just want to relax and not be tense for a moment in their lives

does any of this sound even remotely correct ?!

i think i'm going crazy"

"you are not going crazy

i need you to come back to make sense of my life"

always out of town

My mother at 16 as "Miss Loves Baby Soft", me at 15 when I was with the Osslin Agency.
I just found this picture of Jared and I, I think its the best of us